John Sexton


Sustaining the Moral Surge

John Sexton

Months have passed, commemorations have been held at ground zero, and Congress has declared September 11 a yearly National Day of Remembrance. Surely it will be another date that will live in infamy; no law is needed to ordain that, and no law could change it. But September 11 was, and should be, something more. And after the devastation is cleared, new buildings raised up, and commerce and finance return–all critical to the prosperity of New York and the nation–the other great test will be whether we sustain the moral power surge which moved across the city and this country in response to the terrorist attack.

Bernard Schwartz

John Sexton

Bernie was a prolific scholar; he is the author of dozens of books that have been translated into dozens of languages, works that can be seen on the bookshelves of the Supreme Courts of China, Japan, Germany, and Argentina to name just a few. Last year we celebrated his 50th year of teaching at NYU Law School. The legal community has lost an outstanding teacher, a consummate scholar, and a great friend. Bernie Schwartz will be missed by all.